Hey guys, it’s Erin! Ok so listen: inspiration, motivation, and just generally feeling good and having faith isn’t a constant; it’s totally fine to have ups and downs and freak out occasionally. I’ve had a rough few weeks which actually really surprised me. Here’s why: I was so excited to quit freelancing to solely work for myself and run Sweet Success Society and my equestrian blog full time. The team got all fired up with plans for expanding Sweet Success into a bigger, more badass community by launching our amazing membership site The Society, along with creating a private Facebook group where readers can interact and connect. This is all amazing and I genuinely am incredibly excited about it. I kind of got blindsided though when a few days into being my own boss I was experiencing paralyzing anxiety, constant worry, insane levels of stress, and this consistent state of FEAR. Fear that I wouldn’t be able to get all of this done in time to launch, fear of not making enough money and actually running out of funds, and so many ‘what if’ thoughts. I didn’t realize when I made this decision that a. I had some crazy deep seated fears around money and b. being completely responsible for your own life is really terrifying.


It really is scary, but scary doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Anytime you grow, your very over protective brain tries to protect you from change and keep you in the same box. Change is dangerous. Change means unknown outcomes. This is difficult, but the best things usually are. The key is to be OK with the freakiness of it all without being in a state of fear – which is not what I did. Fuck, I was SO SCARED you guys. It literally made me sick. Everything was about this fear of not having enough money and not being successful fast enough. Finally after hitting a painful low, I decided to meditate the shit out of this, listen to some Law of Attraction podcasts, and do some journaling. I had this beautiful ‘aha’ moment that I swear to you has completely changed me as a human being. I’ve gone back and forth with my connection to the universe, my ability to manifest, and my overall faith and connectedness for years – but this was different.

I got back to my WHY, I reclaimed my power, and I completely let go of all of these blocks and fears that had been just baking in my panic oven for like 15 years.

Realizing that my WHY was very off was the first catalyst to this whole life-changing, vibration shifting, turning into a manifestation baby Gabrielle Bernstein-esque bad bitch.

Finding your WHY is grounding, reaffirming, and will remind you why you are doing what you’re doing. I was so focused on money – and don’t get me wrong, I love money, I’m actually kind of obsessed with money, and I am very much meant to be a bougie rose´ drinking rich lady – but money absolutely CANNOT be your why. Especially if you’re desperate for it, but it really just never works as your big why. Money is an outcome, it’s an end result, and it can’t create anything for you. If you do something for the sole purpose of being a ‘six figure entrepreneur’ or doing ‘five figure months’ then you’ll literally never do those things. Unless you get very lucky, which you might, but it’s not a solid strategy. On the flip side, if your why is rooted in passion, purpose, love, service, and truth – then you’re going to put yourself in the right space to find the inspired action you need to manifest that big money.

I’ve been confused about my why in the past. I’d say it was to be creative, have freedom, and inspire people, but I’m 90% sure I was bullshitting myself and everyone else. Unfortunately, you can’t bullshit the universe because like your best friend, it sees right through that shit. And then blocks you from everything you want, because the law of attraction is a bitch like that. I’ve realized what I was hiding under those noble goals was this: I wanted to be famous/recognized/important, I wanted to make a ton of money, and I wanted to not feel so anxious all the time. I was selfish. It’s fine, we are all selfish sometimes. But no wonder I wasn’t feeling inspired to write posts and it felt like a chore to post on social! No wonder I was stuck at $5000 a month when I wanted to be at $12,000. My ‘why’ was all sorts of off and it was causing me to act from a place of fear and lie to myself (a lot).

My ‘why’ has drastically shifted now. I genuinely want to share information to help other women. I want to help women connect to their power, manifest things they love, and stop living a life that they don’t want. I want to feel free and powerful and in control of my own life design by owning my own companies and doing things I love and believe in. My ‘why’ has changed, and despite a massive to-do list, I’m not stressed at ALL. It’s crazy because I have always been a stress ball. I’m inspired, I feel more authentic, and I get stuff done way faster which also contributes to not being stressed. I feel like I’m finally living the full version of my truth….I’ve been able to manifest a ton of amazing things over the years and get connected, but it was always 75%ish kind of truth. Now, I’ve found a real why, and it’s changed everything.

So how do you find your WHY? I don’t know how to tell you to have a massive overhaul shift like I did, but there are absolutely things you can do to get you in the right space to find what your big why really is:

  • Meditate. Just do it. I have an overactive brain so I can literally only do a guided meditation, but it really changes your mindset. I like guided hypnosis meditations (like this one). Meditate for however long works for you. I can’t handle meditating sitting because I have old lady hips, so I lay down. Do what works.
  • Do automatic writing with the intention of finding your WHY. Automatic writing is just writing in your journal with no thought about what you’re going to write. Set an intention beforehand (finding your why) then just go to town. Let your hand take over and just WRITE. It’s a great way to discover what’s kind of buried in your brain and can help you get down to what your passion and purpose truly is.
  • Visualize your ideal life. Actually close your eyes and picture your perfect life in vivid detail like it’s playing on a movie screen. What is it about it that makes you so happy? It’s never the things….your perfect life might include loads of money and nice stuff (mine does), but that’s not what makes it perfect; it’s always a feeling. Is it that you get to inspire people? Is it that your creativity gets to flow everyday? Is is feeling free? Nurturing a family? Having endless adventure? Your WHY is buried in there somewhere.


Don’t get discourage if you’re not sure what your why is. It’s a journey. Enjoy the journey! Love the learning experience. Love feeling more and more connected each day. If you have some down days, see those as catalysts and moments to really get in touch with what’s going on with you on a deeper level – sometimes the lows are actually the best ways to figure out what’s blocking you, and what your ‘why’ really is.

What is your big ‘WHY’? Share in the comments below.

Author: ErinLane

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