There are more opportunities today to create success in unconventional, out of the box ways than there ever used to be. You can build your own brand, create a business based on what you have to say, start your own store, publish books….and you can do it on your own terms. You can work from home in your pajamas, or a beach in France. You can build an empire with nothing else but big ideas, a lot of dedication, drive, and heart. Well, almost nothing else – there’s one free tool that is going to change the way you build your blog, business, or brand in HUGE, CRAZY ways; and it’s been sitting right in front of you waiting for you to capitalize on the massive possibilities. Pinterest is by far the easiest and most effective way to build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and increase viewership and subscriber rates.


It’s not a new platform, but it’s one that usually gets overlooked in favor of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. While I’m a huge fan of all social media channels, Pinterest is a totally different game because unlike the others, it’s wrongly classified as a social media platform. In reality, Pinterest is actually a highly targeted, super user friendly visual search engine and that is a big part of what makes it such a special and useful tool, especially for aspiring bloggers, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs.

I never really gave much thought to Pinterest other than filling up branding idea and mood boards for my company, pinning wedding stuff, and saving gluten free recipes that I’ll never use because I don’t cook but that look really delicious. Recently, I decided to revisit the power of Pinterest for my business and see how and if Pinterest could truly affect my traffic, engagement, and subscriber rate.

And OH MY GOSH it did. So much! In two weeks I ramped up my Pinterest following by 267% which in turn increased my email subscriber rate by an insane 97%. These numbers absolutely blew my mind (and sparked my to open a bottle of bubbly mid-day alone at my desk in celebration) and completely solidified my belief that Pinterest is by far the single most powerful tool online for building a business, blog, and brand. The best (and craziest) part of this incredible growth rate was that it was essentially automated and I was spending less and less time online each day.


So what exactly allowed this huge boom in growth to occur? There are 6 main things I did on Pinterest that resulted in a 267% growth in two weeks. They’re all super simple but there’s a lot of information and specific tips for each one, so I will follow up this overview with a few more detailed posts and a FREE PINTEREST COURSE that will be available in December 2016 – sign up for our mailing list to get automatic access to the course as soon as it’s available.


The first thing you absolutely must have is a strong brand identity that is easily identifiable to someone the second they land on your Pinterest profile. I made sure my profile had a fun, bright, engaging profile picture that would stand out, that my boards all made sense with my brand (I went through and turned all of my wedding, food, and personal boards secret and made sure that all of my visible boards were about subjects that fit under my brand mission). I also only pin images that visually match my own brand style – for me that’s a lot of pink (sorry), on trend, chic, and fun.


This is SO HUGE. I used to just pin every image from every blog post, no matter what they were. Now, I only pin high quality vertical pins (vertical pins show up larger in the Pinterest feed and are favored by the algorithm) that are graphic, informative, engaging, and on brand. I use Canva For Business to design all of my Pinterest graphics because I can save brand settings, upload my specific fonts, and easily keep with a certain aesthetic. Plus, it automatically sizes images to the ideal dimensions for Pinterest. I used to use Photoshop (which I still adore for photo editing), but Canva is just SO much easier and efficient for Pinterest and blog graphics. Ps – this isn’t an affiliate link, I genuinely just love this service.


I went through every one of my public boards and deleted every pin – even the ones I really liked personally – that had under 15 repins. Eventually, I’ll delete anything under 50 repins. Pinterest looks at your average number of repins on your boards to determine your popularity. More popular pinners get priority in the feed, plus it just looks better to visitors. Use the ‘move’ feature on your boards to bulk select pins and delete them. This one is a little time consuming but very worth it; it instantly upped my traffic.


This is another one that takes a little bit of work, but is worth dedicating a few days to. I followed some of my favorite bloggers and brands in the same niche, then went through their following/followers lists and followed other relevant profiles. You are only allowed to follow a certain number of profiles per day, so it takes a couple of days, but gives you awesome and applicable boards to repin from plus most pinners will follow you back for the same reasons.


Group boards are quite possible the most amazing thing ever! I looked at the group boards that some of my favorite bloggers and influencers in my niche are members of and followed the instructions to request to join. I ended up joining about 10 fantastic ones. Group boards are the best place to share your original content, get active engagement on your pins, and engage with other like minded pinners who have great content.


BoardBooster is the best thing that ever happened to me, at least when it comes to social media. It’s an online application that lets you schedule out pins, automate posting to group boards, automatically search through Pinterest and find on brand and on topic pins to pin to your boards, and loop old pins so they show up new in the feed. It’s AMAZING. Insane. Incredible. I credit BoardBooster with a large amount of my success over the past few weeks. I personally utilize the looping feature, pin scheduler, pin sourcing, and group board scheduler and have had really great success from all. There’s still more features I haven’t even used yet, but those four tools have been instrumental for me. Since using BoardBooster I’ve spent significantly less time on Pinterest but my following continues to grow rapidly. There are a lot of intricacies to BoardBooster, so I’ll delve deeper in a future post plus we’ll go over the process step by step in the upcoming course.


Even though I have a marketing budget, I am weird about throwing money out there unless I can get measurable returns on it. I’ve had mixed experiences with Facebook ads, but Pinterest ad campaigns have worked really well for me. The ad experience on Pinterest is very targeted and the analytics are comprehensive and easy to navigate. After running two trial campaigns, I’m hooked and just started another. I highly suggest testing one out and seeing if it works for you; even a low budget ad campaign can crush it as long as you’re targeting your audience selectively based off of the keywords they search for (remember: Pinterest is a search engine, not social media) and promoting your highest quality and most engaging pins.

Using Pinterst to build blog traffic

Pinterest is a goldmine when it comes to promoting your brand, business, or blog. It truly is. I can’t believe the growth I’ve seen in both my Pinterest following AND email subscriber rate since implementing a couple of simple things and deciding to focus on Pinterest as my main social (sort of) platform. Try these tips out for yourself and I guarantee you’re going to see mind blowing numbers on your analytics too.

PS. make sure you have a Pinterest for Business account! Personal accounts don’t have built in analytics, which are key for tracking growth. Plus, you can run ads and promote pins from a business account, unlike a personal one.

What about you guys? Have you used Pinterest to grow you business/blog/brand?

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