Here is an ever growing list of the tools that I personally use in my businesses that I have found to be incredibly valuable, easy to use, and just all around badass.

*Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for several of these tools, but not for all. Only the ones I’m painfully obsessed with. Some of them are free, some are paid. As always, I ONLY work with companies and brands that I have previously paid to use myself and have found to be worth their weight in gold. Because I’d promote them regardless, I’ve chosen to put a little coin in my own pocket too. If you love them as much as I do (and you will!), you should 100% sign up for the affiliate programs as well.


Pinfinite Growth (<–click here) – an affordable, badass course that will help you use Pinterest to skyrocket traffic. Pinterest isn’t just an invaluable tool for bloggers – any modern entrepreneur or businesswoman should have a handle on this killer platform to help build your customer base and visibility. I also have a huge girlcrush on Melyssa Griffin. Sue me.

List Surge (<–click here) – in today’s digital world, an email list is HUGE. Whether you’re launching a blog, becoming a YouTuber, opening your own business, or working for a company….having a strong, engaged email list is clutch. It’s essentially a way to stay BFF’s with your digital community and keep them interested and up to date on everything that you’re doing. It’s also hands down the best place to make sales and forge strong relationships. This course helped me go from 45 subscribers to over 2500 in just a few months. It’s that good.

B School (<–click here) – Marie Forleo’s signature program is pretty much the gold standard for serious entrepreneurs, and it’ll teach you as much about creating a profitable, passionate business as any college business course. It’s spendy, but if you’ve got the cash and your plan is to own your own business, I definitely suggest you check this out.



Leadpages (<–click here) – Love love love Leadpages. I tried out other landing page tools like Instapage and ClickFunnels and just found them confusing and not very user friendly. Leadpages on the other hand is awesome and very easy to use to create effective opt ins, sign up forms, and professional looking landing pages (fyi – no matter what kind of business you have, if you have a website, you need opt ins and landing pages).

GoDaddy (<–click here) – I know I know, GoDaddy is old school, but it’s not buggy and it has worked well for me for many years. A lot of people are using BlueHost or other hosting sites because they have fantastic affiliate programs, but they’re just not quite up to GoDaddy’s level of reliability quite yet (I’m sure they’ll get there though). GoDaddy has a horrendous affiliate program, but I’m not looking to make money from promoting hosting…I just want a solid place for my blog to live.

Canva (<–click here) – Canva is just the best when it comes to creating blog graphics, Pinterest posts, and pretty much any basic graphic design need. I have full Photoshop and InDesign, but I end up using Canva for almost all of my social media and blog images. Plus…it’s FREE! You can upgrade to the ‘For Work’ version (that’s what I have), but the free version is amazing and really all you need.



CoSchedule (<–click here) – Editorial calendars are crucial when it comes to blog success. I tried Google Docs, Excel templates, and physical calendars/blog planners, but nothing has kept me as organized and on track as Coschedule. This program lets you create editorial calendars then edit the posts directly from the calendar and schedule it out, plus schedule social media posts to go along with it. It has some crazy features too – like storing your drafts/ideas, social media post looping, a headline analyzer with suggestions for better SEO, and more. It’s really wonderful.


Planoly (<–click here) – When it comes to making your Instagram look cohesive and on brand, Planoly is the app of your dreams. It starts free (but you do have to pay for plans for a certain number of team members, followers, etc) and lets you build out your Insta grid so you can see how everything will look together. You can also plug in captions, hashtags, and tag other accounts from the app. When you’re ready to post, you just post from the app and it copies everything to Instagram for you. It’s made a huge impact on the visual appeal and organization of my Instagram. Love it.


The Sweet Success FREE Resource Library (duh) (<–click here) – okay, I might be tooting my own horn here, but my exclusive resource library is constantly updated, full of badass freebies, and has everything you need to help you build a life you don’t need a vacation from.