My biggest tip for saving money? Actually do it. Saving money always seems like something to get around to one day, but the earlier you start saving, the more you’ll have to utilize for building your business, traveling, and doing all sorts of awesome stuff. I have to confess: I am literally the worst at saving money.


I’m pretty savvy when it comes to finances. I’m just a little disorganized, impulsive, and I always have somewhere in my business (or closet) that is begging for an investment. I already schedule my life on my phone (hello Google Calendar), so it seems only natural to utilize the app store to help manage my bank accounts and help me start a real, legit savings.

These apps have completely changed not only the balance of my bank accounts, but also helped reprogram the way I think about finances. I now am the girl with a finger on the pulse of my credit score, who knows my account balances down to the cent, and who actually has a savings account with real money in it.

These are my ride or die, top apps to manage your finances, build a savings, and improve your credit:


I cannot express this enough: I am OBSESSED with Digit. This app is game changing, life changing, insane. Plus it requires essentially zero effort to use. Digit automatically transfers small amounts of money from your checking account into a special savings account within the Digit app – money you wouldn’t normally miss. It analyzes your typical spending habits and takes into account your recurring bills, usual direct deposits, and other regular activity in your account then puts away little bits of money in a way that won’t have an impact on your life. Digit has helped me save hundreds of dollars since I’ve started using it, and it’s a huge surprise every time I check the savings balance – I’m always expecting it to be a couple of dollars since I never notice money missing from my checking, but it’s reached upwards of $900 in the past few months.

My other favorite part of this app is the daily account balance text alerts: every morning Digit sends me a text notification letting me know my current checking account balance compared to yesterday’s balance. It also sends me alerts if there’s a big change in my balance, like if a big bill goes through or a big check is cashed. It’s amazing. I have never been so on top of my bank balances or been able to save money so easily.



In my younger, dumber years I did not understand the true importance of credit. I was poor, and credit was ‘free money’. Except it wasn’t (obviously). I racked up (moderate – I wasn’t too crazy) balances on high APR cards and then forgot about them and missed some payments. Maybe a lot of payments. By 22, my credit was pretty screwed.

I’ve worked hard to repair my less than stellar credit and turn it into a good score, but I really wish that I would have started off caring about building my credit early on! Way easier to start off on the right foot than to fix something, and credit is kind of a pain in the ass to fix, TBH. Credit is a little confusing, but Lenny is this awesome, super simple app that lets you borrow small amounts of money and forces you to automatically pay it back to start building your credit. It has a much lower APR (annual percentage rate…aka interest rate) than most credit cards, and it sets your borrowing limit low so you set yourself up for success.

I already have a few credit cards that I really like – hello airline miles! – so I don’t really use Lenny for real borrowing (also the credit limits are very low), but I do borrow a little bit and then pay it off quickly to keep building my credit score. The part I use a lot is the credit score monitor – all you do is click a button and you can check your FICO score literally everyday (which doesn’t hurt your score…checking your score and making a credit inquiry are not the same thing) and it feels like a little victory every time that number goes up a notch. If you’re just starting out credit-wise, Lenny is the perfect option to start building a positive credit history. If you’re repairing credit or even if you already have great credit and just want to keep tabs on your score, this is by far the easiest way to keep track of your FICO score.


What apps do you guys use to manage your money? I’m so excited about the success I’ve had with these two – I’m excited to hear what you guys think!

Author: ErinLane

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