Anxiety sucks. Negative thoughts suck.

Positive thinking is clutch, and really unfortunate stuff happens all the time, but it’s all about how you handle it.

Easy, right?
Um….no. No it is not. Not even for the best of us.

I am a HUGE believer in the power of positive thinking. I 100% think that you can absolutely manifest anything you want in your life, you can have anything and everything, and that what you focus on becomes reality. Buuut even despite my serious dedication to living a super positive, kickass, phenomenal life…..I have a pretty good talent for giving myself horrible anxiety. My fiance says I concoct entire separate plotlines in life just to give myself something to worry about. I say that everything in my life just happens to be a really big deal. I think he’s probably right on this one.

Unfortunately I do actually have some sort of actual anxiety problem- always have, and I haaate it. Literally it will just come on for no reason and feel like someone is squishing my heart, and that I’m probably late for some deadline somewhere that I just don’t know about yet. This is part of the reason why I take staying mentally and emotionally balanced, as well as being very positive, so seriously. I also limit my caffeine intake to a matcha latte a day to mellow out the my-heart-my-explode feelings.

Yet I still slip up every now and again and do that delightful thing where I envision all the bad things that could be happening and turn them into things I convince myself are real problems. For example:

“She totally hates me now and will probably never text me back because she doesn’t understand why I can’t take a more subtle hint that we are in fact, not friends”


“I’ll have nowhere to stay and will have to sleep in my car in Los Angeles because no one will offer me a couch so I should remember to bring a soft pillow and several cans of pepper spray. And a rape whistle.”


“I sent my producer the revised script yesterday and she still hasn’t said anything, so it should either be burned and forever forgotten OR I must produce, film, and edit it completely on my own. We must begin either a fire or fundraising immediately”

or how about…

“I can sense that you hate our cats and therefore I must re-home my beloved creatures even though it will make me horribly depressed because if I don’t you will resent me for life and we will definitely 100% end up getting divorced”

or the most common…

“I have too much to do and it will never get done and I can’t focus and I’m going to be a failure in life and possibly very poor”

Seriously you guys. This is stuff that happens in my brain.

Albeit, not very often. I honestly do try and ensure that I practice what I preach and live a purposeful life practically oozing with positivity because I know that it works. I’ve created AMAZING things in my life through visualizing, feeling great, being grateful, and working hard at what I love…it really pays off! Which is why I know equally that when I go into full blown crazy person anxiety attack mode, I’m probably creating a cycle of less than desirable events in my life. No bueno!

So why is it so hard to deal with anxiety? And what about all that self created anxiety? What do you guys do to kick yours to the curb, chemical or cooked up in yo’ brain?

My personal go-to strategies are: thinking about what I’m grateful for, exercising like cray, yoga, taking long hot showers, drinking a cup of calming herbal tea cuddled up next to my kitties with a magazine, getting immersed in a good book, writing in my journal, studying some uplifting stuff like “The Power of Now” or “The Success Principles“, watching Pretty Little Liars and remembering that at least A isn’t after me, sipping a glass of vino on the beach at sunset with my guy, making lists for everything, getting my biggest project out of the way as fast as humanly possible then rewarding myself with some chocolate and a mental break!

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