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Hey guys, it’s Erin! Ok so listen: inspiration, motivation, and just generally feeling good and having faith isn’t a constant; it’s totally fine to have ups and downs and freak out occasionally. I’ve had a rough few weeks which actually really surprised me. Here’s why: I was so excited to quit freelancing to solely work for myself and run Sweet Success Society and my equestrian blog full time. The team got all fired up with plans for expanding Sweet Success into a bigger,

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The secret to success is knowing when to say no

Reading this quote (albeit, a roughly translated Confucius saying on success that is easier for my brain to wrap around this way) makes me cringe. I’ve been chasing a seriously large amount of rabbits lately – one of my biggest black holes and bad habits that I fall into time and time again.

I recently had someone who’s judgement I trust imperatively (she’s the pure definition of a girlboss –

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