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We’re all trying to create our dream life, right? The dream career, dream relationship, dream house, dream bank account. Most of us spend a lot of time very focused on our path; we set goals every year, we journal, we read books, listen to podcasts, take courses, and visualize ourselves with that ideal job or business, that perfect partner, the financial freedom, the house. Once we kind of discover our passions and what we want a lot of our life starts to revolve around the path to get what we want.

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We’ve all heard the saying “failure isn’t an option”, right? Okay, now what if I told you that saying is complete bullshit? You’ve probably been hearing that your whole life much like I have. Chances are if you’re anything like me you got in trouble every time you failed at something. Whether it was poor grades in school or having a meltdown in public (hello, childhood anxiety) you were probably punished in some way.

Failure - Sweet Success Society

If this wasn’t the case for you,

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HI! It’s Erin.

I’m super fired up today. Get ready for some major realness / epiphanies / stuff that will maaaybe change your life.

Okay, so the past few months have been massively transformational for me. Not easy, holy shit not easy at ALL. It wasn’t what I expected, but I’ll talk about that specific part in the future. What I really want to talk to you guys about is this realization that I’ve recently had that I think has been the biggest block in my happiness in every single area of my life.

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Hey guys, it’s Erin! Ok so listen: inspiration, motivation, and just generally feeling good and having faith isn’t a constant; it’s totally fine to have ups and downs and freak out occasionally. I’ve had a rough few weeks which actually really surprised me. Here’s why: I was so excited to quit freelancing to solely work for myself and run Sweet Success Society and my equestrian blog full time. The team got all fired up with plans for expanding Sweet Success into a bigger,

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Building a life you love isn’t just one thing. Usually, it’s finding a career you’re seriously passionate about, figuring out how to make enough money to do everything that you want to do without stressing over finances, finding someone you love to share your life with, surrounding yourself with awesome friends that support you, and having the time, money, and means to do all the things you like to do. When you put it down on paper like that,

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Today is a day that everyone makes a point to be grateful – after all, it’s Thanksgiving! It’s a day to let your loved ones know you love them, text the friends you haven’t talked to in months, think about the things you love in your life, and say ‘thanks’ before you chow down on a (huge) amount of food. It’s a great holiday; honestly, I’m a sucker for any holiday that heavily revolves around food and allows me to wear something that I may or may not have purchased in the Target maternity section (the dresses are cute and roomy,

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Goal setting is HUGE! Without goals to work towards, success is pretty much impossible. It’s in your nature to need to grow, think bigger, and want more. Goals give us something to look to, something to focus on, and something to get us through the times that we want to give up and never work again. Goals are good. Goals are necessary.

The #1 Reason You Don't Reach Your Goals

Unfortunately, most people never reach their goals.


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Bloggers, entrepreneurs, and killer career girls I know feel me when I say that I have 0% work/life balance. I’m literally always working, in some form or another. Even in Whole Foods, I’m filling up my notes app with post ideas and book topics. I do this because I truly love what I do and I’m extremely driven to create my own success.

But honestly, WTF is success, really?

The word “success”

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Raise your hand if you’ve straight up Googled “how to be successful”.

I am super guilty, and I bet you are too. You probably found a lot of articles about working hard, waking up early, and doing whatever it takes to climb the ladder and make to success. Or maybe you read ‘The Secret’ (great book, but a little misunderstood) and decided you should start writing down ‘I am rich and successful’

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Affirmations, Law of Attraction, and Mantras

I’ve tried every affirmation and all the mantras under the sun – from Law of Attraction go-tos to positive thinking to mantras for meditation – and I’m going to let you in on my number one, never fail, go-to mantra that works for absolutely everything:


Inspirational, right? Actually it is, if you look at it the right way. In my experience, mantras and affirmations don’t usually work because part of you tends to know that they’re just not true.

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