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Staying with our theme of kick-ass confidence, let’s cross a whole ‘nother line and talk frankly about a subject that’s a little taboo: Botox, injectables, and beauty that hurts like a bitch. I’m not one to sugarcoat things, so I’m pretty open about my love for a little medi-spa help here and there, but I’ve found that I get a lot of backlash because of the business that I run. For some reason, people tend to think that because I preach self love,

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I’m currently on a work trip slash vacation, and I have been glued to my phone the entire time – which isn’t that weird since I’m always Instagramming, blogging, taking photos, and keeping notes – but that’s not why I’ve been digitally addicted these past few days instead of enjoying a change up in routine.


There have been some stress points and issues at two of my freelance positions lately,

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