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Hi friends! Before we begin, I just wanted to say how incredibly excited I am to be a part of the Sweet Success team and join all of you on your journey towards your highest potentials! My name is Daynna, I’m the Canadian (eh?). You can read more about me and all of the other wonderful #BossBabes on the team¬†here! We have a great group of ladies coming together to share thoughts and experiences with you!

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Discovering that you cannot do #allthethings in your business is an important milestone. First of all, it’s okay to accept that you can’t do it all (sorry to tell you, but we’re all human!)

Why Outsourcing?


If you don’t realize that you need to outsource, you’re headed straight for my least favorite roadtrip down Burnout Boulevard. You’ll start missing deadlines, feeling frazzled, and making mistakes.

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There is a lot of talk all over the place about something called “work-life balance”. There’s a lot of reading material on the subject, but honestly, it’s a little confusing. The traditional model of work/life that always kind of bugged me is this:

  1. Find out what you’re good at
  2. Choose a career where you can use those skills
  3. Work hard, climb the ladder, make money
  4. Use that money to do things you actually enjoy
  5. Try to carve out time outside of work for the “important things”

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