This week has been a crazy one. Whether you’re thrilled or devastated about the recent change in the US leadership, there’s no doubt that you’ve noticed the huge increase in hateful, angry, negative posts all over social media and the web – from both sides.

Politics aside, this election has brought out a lot of passion in people, in many ways. For me, it’s reminded me of the importance of remembering how much power we hold as individuals and how important it is to actually USE that power. One person absolutely can make an impact on the world, and this community of women is full of inspired, big dreaming, success driven girls who can and will change the world. Whether your dream is to make a million dollars, own your own business, travel the world, start a family, or help those in need…you can leave a serious footprint. Whatever you can dream, you can create; especially when it’s fueled by positivity and gratitude.

Imagine if everyone knew that and actually did it? Acted on it? Imagine if everyone actually, really let go of our fears and “what ifs” and just went for it? I absolutely guarantee that we, collectively, would (and can) change the face of the world. I firmly believe that this generation of women is going to pave the way for bigger, better, more expansive things, and we’re going to fast track it. Two days ago I was worried about our future, but I’m not anymore. Let me tell you why:

This week was tough for me personally РI wanted to see a woman in the White House. Or I wanted to see a man in there that stands on a platform of empowering our girls to dream bigger and feel like equals to their male counterparts. Aside from the election, I dealt with some frustration at my side jobs that left me feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and uninspired. I cried and drank wine and wallowed for a minute, before I had a total change of heart: pain and difficulty is thrown into our lives to remind us of our strength, and  this week is a perfect reminder of that. I used this opportunity to think about what truly matters to me and how I want to live my life, and what example I want to set for future generations of women.

Being beat down and overwhelmed isn’t a bad thing. It sucks to feel, and it’s ok to be disappointed. But it’s a catalyst that you can use to change the trajectory of your life in a big way. For me, I ended up quitting one of my side projects that takes a lot of time away from my real passion (this blog), and that tends to cause me a lot of stress and emotional drain. I also wrote a heartfelt social media post about what I was taking from the election and how I believe it’s an opportunity for us to show our humanity, our goodness, our love, and our tolerance on a whole new level. Taking these actions felt like lifting a physical weight off my shoulders and I swear I actually felt lighter.

Today, I felt more inspired than I have in a long time. I had a brilliant business idea while driving to lunch. I had two amazing meetings with people I genuinely enjoy working with. I checked my bank account to pleasantly find more zeros than I had anticipated. I felt happy, truly happy, in a world full of craziness. It was a strong reinforcement of the idea that good feelings and a lot of love can drastically change your circumstances, and that no matter how bad things get, there’s always and opportunity to gain strength and inspiration from that difficulty and use it to make your world (and everyone else’s) a better place.

How are you all feeling this week?

Author: ErinLane

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