The Society is unlike any course, membership site, subscription, or coaching package you’ve EVER invested in. It’s an all encompassing success toolkit to help you find clarity, discover your passion and purpose, quadruple your income (or more!), learn the ins & outs of business, mastermind with inspiring women, get intimate group coaching sessions, meet like minded boss ladies, nurture your soul, and manifest EVERYTHING you’ve every wanted.


It’s not just courses (but there are badass courses involved)


It’s not just coaching (but you get some seriously awesome group coaching)


It’s not just community (but you’ll mastermind & connect with incredible women)


It’s not just tools & downloads (but you’ll love every download)


It’s not just an e-book (actually, it’s several full length e-books to dive into)




It’s also way more affordable than anything else out there of this caliber, because although we believe in investing in yourself for success, we also know that it’s tough out there and we want to support as many women as possible on their journey to crazy, wild, incredible success.

Once you’re a millionaire, you can pay it forward to someone else 😉


How it works:


The Society is a membership subscription site where new content is added every month and old content lives forever for you to access. It’s billed annually (the best deal) either in full or in payments, or monthly (more expensive, but less commitment).


The Society also includes an engaged private Facebook community reserved solely for Society members, plus monthly private webinars & Facebook Live intensives, and monthly group coaching & mastermind sessions.


What’s included:


  • A content library that is updated monthly and always accessible (worth hundreds!)

     Content including things like:

  • A free digital copy of the full length Sweet Success book by CEO Erin Lane; a guidebook to rewiring your mindset and programming yourself for sweet success in every area of life. It’s a no bullshit, super fun, glitter dusted girl’s guide to creating the best life ever (including the job of your dreams, a massive income, stellar health, and great relationships)
  • A comprehensive guide to self-care to keep your mind, body, & spirit in the right frequency to manifest a big life
  • The Ultimate 20 Page Hashtag Library, which will solve your Instagram problems and help you reach your community through strategic hashtagging. This baby is organized by category, popularity, and reach for true optimization
  • Video course on the best way to manage and online team and how to use the best tools for team management
  • The ‘Everything You Need to Know About Online Coaching’ e-book by six-figure business creator, Laura Pennington


Content coming in 2017:

  • Complete course on mastering confidence in front of the camera, by a 10 year veteran of the tv hosting industry. Learn how to speak to your audience, feel good on camera, what to do with your hands (lol, but the most asked question), and tons of tips used by the pros so that you can master vlogging, Facebook live, lifestyle videos, and public speaking like a boss.
  • A full length guide to new agey manifesting spirituality woo-woo-ness for the down to earth boss bitch. Learn how to master meditation, crystal healing, energy work, visualization, journaling, and the Law of Attraction to help you succeed like CRAZY and feel amazing
  • The ultimate guide to authentic social media. Tips & tricks to becoming a social media maven while maintaining your authenticity and setting yourself apart.
  • Business management webinars & guides on everything from how to hire a team to the best areas to invest in your online business
  • An exclusive styled stock photo collection
  • 52 weeks of Blog, Facebook, and Instagram prompts to help you stay creative and rock it in your biz




Your membership also includes:


  • Inclusion in the private Society Facebook community where you can ask questions, test out products and posts, learn from your peers, learn from experts, engage with your community, and more
  • Private, exclusive webinars and Facebook Live workshops monthly exclusively for members
  • A monthly small group coaching Zoom calls focusing on topics ranging from mindset, manifesting, managing anxiety, how to find clients, social media, and more! Each coaching session has 3 segments:
    • A seminar on a specific topic
    • A question and answer session on that topic
    • An open Q&A / mastermind session focusing on your individual businesses


Automatic access to the Sweet Success Society Free Resource Library (tons of pdfs, printables, worksheets, and short guides updated regularly)


BONUS during launch:

The 4 Week Habits for Success Course + Challenge for FREE  (only available during pre-launch and early bird access – valued at $49)


The Society is valued at over $5000


Seriously, other programs are charging $97 – $297 just for ONE thing included in the content library.


Other experts are charging $1500 for monthly group coaching


And we’re just going to keep adding valuable, should-be-expensive courses, books, guides, and tools for FREE once you’re a member.


Even if we were giving a MAJOR discount, membership into The Society should be at LEAST $300/month. Which would be an awesome deal.


But guess what?

It’s less than $10/month during pre-sale + you get the bonus habits challenge for FREE

It’s only $15/MONTH when billed annually OR $25/month billed monthly during the early bird special (August 14th – 21st) + the bonus habits challenge for FREE

Even after pre-sale, the price stays at less than $20/month…..for more than $6000 worth of value. That’s a pretty damn good deal if you ask us.


But here’s the catch:


These ridiculously low investment prices are only available until the end of September. Then the program CLOSES (that’s right – no one else can sign up) until our short special re-launches on Cyber Monday (a one day sale!) and a 3 week December holiday launch.


Why are we taking it off the market for a while? Because we want to focus on YOU first. We want to be able to communicate with each and every one of you directly, get your feedback, and design extra content, coaching sessions, webinars, and workshops that exactly fit your needs to help you reach crazy levels of success.



Affiliate program

Become an affiliate and earn a commission every time you refer a friend who signs up. It’s a great way to earn passive income and let your membership pay for itself! You’ll automatically get access to the affiliate program when you sign up.



We believe in investing in your success, but we also believe in having incredible content be accessible for EVERYONE on every budget. You shouldn’t have to run up a credit card or borrow money to have access to the courses, content, coaching, and community that you need to create your best life and business. Even if you’re raking in the cash already, we’re all about abundance (which is why we are offering BIG commissions & cash gifts for our affiliates!)

Here are the membership prices:

  • VIP Pre-Sale
    • $100/year membership paid in full – aka, $8.30 a month!
    • $135/year on a 3 month payment plan (3 payments of $45)
    • $75 six month membership (one time payment)
  • August Bonus Launch
    • $120/year membership paid in full – aka, $10 a month!
    • $150/year on a 3 month payment plan (3 payments of $50)
    • $95 six month membership
  • Extended Launch
    • $240/year membership paid in full – aka, $20 bucks a month
    • $300/year on a 3 month payment plan (3 payments of $100)
    • $420/year on a 12 month payment plan (12 payments of $35)
    • $220 six month membership

*Affiliate price: accepted affiliates get a year’s membership for $50 (that’s less than a single matcha latte a month…boom)

As an affiliate, you’ll earn 30% of every single sale.

The cool thing? Even if someone clicks your affiliate link then purchases 15 days later, you’ll still get the commission – just as long as they used your link even once (works up to 30 days). Also, you’ll get 30% on everything that person EVER purchases from us….including automatic commission each year when they re-up their membership, purchases of new courses and programs we roll out, and upsells.


1. The first 15 affiliates to be approved into our affiliate program will receive a membership to The Society for free, PLUS will get 50% commission on all sales, forever

2. All affiliates to reach $3000 in sales during the launch will get a $250 cash gift from us, because we love you. That’s $250 free money, sent via PayPal, to use however you want.


Once accepted into the affiliate program, we’ll provide you with:

  • promotional graphics for every launch stage
  • email swipe files
  • unique affiliate link
  • unique discount codes
  • listing your blog, biz, or website on our Partners page on our site
  • opportunity to host one of our monthly live Zoom coaching intensives (if you have expertise in a success related field). We’ll be bringing in a guest coach/expert for a live coaching seminar & mastermind session every single month – it’s a great way to share your expertise and voice with The Society community, promote your own business and products, and build a connected tribe.

You don’t have to have a huge email list or massive following to qualify….you just need the right mindset, a commitment to making money for yourself, a belief in supporting your fellow entrepreneurial ladies, and an engaged community to share with.

If you are interesting in becoming an affiliate or just want to learn more, please email COMMENT BELOW with the following information:

  • Your name
  • A link to your blog or business
  • Links to your social media channels
  • Your areas of focus / expertise
  • Why you think you would be the perfect affiliate for this program

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