Woohoo, so happy you’re here! I’m Erin Lane – an almost 30 tv personality, actor, blogger, producer, unabashedly botoxed, anxiety ridden ADHD over-achiever with a passion for building a big life, living adventurously, and sharing everything I discover with the amazing millennial women of the world (because you guys rock).

I’ve built my brand on a philosophy of dreaming big and creating your own destiny. Through a lot of trial and error, I’ve bumped around through adulthood and figured out a lot of things that have helped me build an insanely awesome life that is perfect for ME (and it’s always evolving). My dream for Sweet Success Society was to create a tribe of badass women who could unapologetically share stories, be each other’s cheerleaders, and swap tips and tricks for creating massive success in all areas of life.

Success doesn’t necessarily come easy, but creating it can be a lot of fun. Life is meant to be imperfect and an adventure, and I firmly believe that every single person has the ability to cultivate a hugely successful dream life. Trust me…ten years ago I was a hot mess, and I probably would have thrown my taco (food, not vagina) at you if you had spouted off that same info. However, in the past ten years I’ve changed my life a lot: I started my own company, more than quadrupled my income, landed multiple ‘dream jobs’, found love and got hitched, purchased my ‘dream car’, moved into a house walking distance from the ocean, almost completely got rid of my anxiety, and most importantly, was able to feel confidence and find happiness even in the low points. And this killer life? Nope, not the result of a trust fund, lucky break, or miserable back breaking hard work. I just realized that I had the power to build my own dream, so I set out to do it. I’m still working on it (and my life gets really ridiculous, embarrassing, and rough at times!) but I’m seriously having the BEST time with it all.

We’re all figuring out this adulting thing together and together, we can do anything. One woman is powerful. A tribe of women is unstoppable.

I currently live with my husband, two horses, two cats, one extra large sausage dog, a poorly stocked pantry, and a lot of shoes in the stupidly gorgeous San Diego, California.

Fun Facts:

I love chocolate, rosé, audiobooks, barre, horses, rainy weather, flower crowns, office supplies, day planners, lipstick, and things with fringe. I believe that Lululemon black stretchy pants are real pants and I only own one pair of jeans. I spend more time with my horse than my husband, friends, or family (he’s amazing though). Traveling is my crack and I just want to see the whole damn world. I listen to a borderline ridiculous amount of audiobooks and podcasts. I have what is possibly the world’s largest wiener dog. I’m gluten free, dairy free, and have some crazy chronic illnesses that I’m making my bitch (Hashimotos, CFS, & Fibromyalgia). I do not cook food and am the queen of home delivery and protein bars. My dog has an Instagram. If I could be friends with one celebrity it would be Tina Fey. I love Palm Springs so much it hurts me. I’m a girls girl and an outgoing introvert and will be your best friend if you’re into wine and Netflix on the regular and also believe that leggings are pants. I have no time for negativity so buck up and let’s make some magic my friends.


My name is Daynna, and I’m from just outside of Toronto, Canada. I graduated from university in 2016 with an honors Bachelor of Music Therapy and a minor in psychology. I was completing an internship to become a certified music therapist but eventually came to the realization that it wasn’t bringing me fulfillment. I mean, I have enough craziness going on while trying to be an “adult”, so being a therapist and taking on everyone else’s burdens was difficult! Since then, I’ve discovered a new passion for blogging through launching my millennial lifestyle blog, A Daynna Life. I’ve enjoyed being able to share my thoughts and ideas with the world while also learning exciting new skills. I am absolutely LOVING it!

I frequently laugh at my own jokes and love others who do the same! Life is so much more exciting and fun when you can find joy in even the little things. In addition to that, I’m absolutely obsessed with dogs and drink probably way too much caffeine for my own good (can’t stop won’t stop, amirite ladies?!). I’m a pretty typical “girly-girl”: I love makeup, dressing up, and the color pink. Finally, in an ideal world, my everyday Starbucks order would be a pumpkin spice latte! #BasicBitchForLife

Thank you for joining us at Sweet Success Society. I’m so excited to be a part of this community of strong millennial women who are beautiful inside and out!


My name’s Lexi and I live in Northern California. I may have moved from my home state for a handsome man last year, I admit it, but I promised myself I wouldn’t move my life and settle for any job that didn’t nurture my aspiring marketing career. So now on weekdays, you’ll see me wearing heels and blazers as a Marketing and PR Coordinator at a fast-paced national agency–and in boots and flannel on the weekends because I am and forever will be a Colorado mountain girl at heart.

After some not-so-great financial decisions that followed college, I’ve learned how to–and continue to!–strategically take back control of my finances while looking toward the future. It’s absolutely possible to (literally) pay your dues and enjoy a fulfilling, balanced, healthy and happy life. I love sharing my experiences and knowledge to help others in similar situations recognize there is a balance between getting a handle on your money and living a fulfilling life.

With my drooly-dog sidekick and cheese-to-my-macaroni S.O., I love to seek adventure and embrace the imperfections of life. A few fun facts: It’s very possible that I’m the biggest Harry Potter nerd you’ll ever meet; I grew up jumping off 50-foot poles, walking on burning coals, riding in the rodeo and swimming with dolphins; I’ve eaten pizza with Ryan Gosling out the back of a Jeep; My greatest life goal is to be a best-selling author; I’m an advocate for Donate Life; My dog’s full name is Oliver Winston Baker because we went a little extreme on the *English* Setter reference; and I think infographics are just the coolest thing.


I’m Laura! I’m getting my Ph.D. in public policy but bailed on a career in academia because it’s way too boring and underpaid. I’ve been working as a freelance writer and project manager for five years mostly working for law firms. Now I teach other people to work from home too. Soon to be military wife and paid off my first year of grad school competing in the Miss Virginia preliminary to Miss America (don’t judge me- but I did win $5k and carried on my family’s tap dance tradition doing it.)

Also, I recently achieved one of my life goals of meeting John Cusack. He clapped me on the back and shook my hand and it was like I was a teenager watching Say Anything all over again.


I’m Elise! Originally I’m from Washington but now I live in sunny San Diego county. I live with my long time loverboy and our two fur-children pups Henry and Kobe. I wear quite a few hats working as a virtual assistant/marketing maven and running my own blog Living as Elise. Keeping myself busy definitely is what I’m good at and helps me pass the time while my loverboy is away from home (military life *sigh*). BUT I totally know when to give myself a well-earned break from all the craziness of work.

I’m totally a girly tom-boy (does that make sense?). I love to dress up but I’m also always up for an outdoor adventure. I’m always up for an impromptu photo shoot if the scenery calls for it, I know I can’t be the only one! I definitely get the most out of the beautiful area I live by going to the beach whenever possible. I enjoy a day full of binge watching Netflix just as much as the next person and I’m totally ashamed of it haha. 

I’m so excited to be doing a lot of behind the scenes work for the Sweet Success Society but I will also be contributing posts every now and then on various topics within marketing and business.