Bloggers, entrepreneurs, and killer career girls I know feel me when I say that I have 0% work/life balance. I’m literally always working, in some form or another. Even in Whole Foods, I’m filling up my notes app with post ideas and book topics. I do this because I truly love what I do and I’m extremely driven to create my own success.

But honestly, WTF is success, really?

The word “success” got me in a lot of trouble for a long time; constantly looking at success as a destination meant that I was living in a constant state of not having it. I think most people get stuck in this trap of seeing success as something in the far off distance that maybe they’ll reach someday. Working a stressful, draining job for years to become “successful” and then get to enjoy life. But isn’t that approach kind of fucked up?

(raises hand enthusiastically) – YES! Yes it is. It’s also a HUGE reason why so many people never actually end up feeling successful at all, even though they work really, really hard.

Success in the real world isn’t one size fits all. It’s an experience, a series of mini victories to celebrate every day. Success is flexible, customizable, and personal. No one can define your success but you. There is no income level, job title, house size, follower number, or award that delineates the successful from the unsuccessful. Successful people are the ones who do things because they are passionate, excited, and authentic. As long as you’re living your truth, you are a successful girlboss of a woman. The wonderful thing is that the more successful you feel, the more successful you become. Feeling like a success now will fuel you to work towards your goals and live a big life, and you’ll quickly surpass the people who are still viewing it as some illusive destination. You can wish you had something and actually have something at the same time. So stop seeing success as something you will get one day and start noticing the badass things you’re achieving every single day.

Real life is messy, unpredictable, and likes to test your limits. The women we look up to as huge successes are who they are because they believed in themselves and decided to go for what they wanted, and I assure you that they celebrate every tiny little victory. Stop comparing your success journey to other people – their version is never going to be the same as yours, and it’s not meant to. It’s your job to define and constantly redefine what success means in your life.

If you’re feeling unclear on the whole success thing, download the free 7 page Success Workbook to help you uncover what your ideal type of success is, and create a roadmap for you to get on the fast track to feeling super successful.

What does success look like in your life and how do you “tell” if you’re successful? Let me know below, you wise babes.

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