Today is a day that everyone makes a point to be grateful – after all, it’s Thanksgiving! It’s a day to let your loved ones know you love them, text the friends you haven’t talked to in months, think about the things you love in your life, and say ‘thanks’ before you chow down on a (huge) amount of food. It’s a great holiday; honestly, I’m a sucker for any holiday that heavily revolves around food and allows me to wear something that I may or may not have purchased in the Target maternity section (the dresses are cute and roomy, don’t judge me). The story behind the original holiday isn’t my favorite, but I do love the general air of gratitude that’s floating around everywhere from your neighborhood Starbucks to Friendsgiving to your grandparent’s house.

But here’s a crazy thought: what if we were this grateful every day? What if we made it a huge point to be super, crazy thankful every single day? What if we waited in line for coffee with patience and a smile and said “hope you have a great day today” to the barista the same way when we’re rushing to work as we do on Thanksgiving morning? What if we messaged our friends how glad we are they’re in our lives and told them to have the best day ever every day?


Gratitude does crazy things to people. Holidays feel warm and fuzzy and wonderful not because of the gifts we get or the badass holiday dresses we get to wear or the pumpkin flavored everythings; they feel amazing because everyone we encounter is floating on this cloud of be thankful for the people, events, and things in their lives. Being grateful literally changes your brain chemistry and body physiologyIt can alter your metabolism, get rid of depression and anxiety symptoms, help you focus, make you sleep better, and make you more successful. How crazy is that? Such a simple things as remembering to be thankful for the good things in your life everyday can make you happier, skinnier, more productive, and more successful.

It’s hard to create new habits, but being grateful is one of the easier ones because it actually activates the reward center of your brain, plus you have the perfect place to start: today. Spending the day being grateful, thankful, and happy will definitely make you want to keep this trend going – so do it! Even just a few minutes every morning or every night writing down a couple of things you are grateful for will dramatically change your life. It’s the top secret of most authors and speakers on success: just be grateful for what you already have, and more of that good stuff will come in. It’s simple, it feels good, and it’s easy. And it just might be your key to creating your dream life…at least it’s worth a try, right?


What are three things you’re grateful for today?

I am so thankful for YOU GUYS! You are such an amazing community of driven, awesome, world changing babes. Thanks for being part of this community xx

Author: ErinLane

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