Now before you all start saying I’m a crazy person, let’s just take a minute. Hear me out! Obviously we all know that periods have a lot of unfortunate parts to them. Believe me, I would know! I’m the girl who’s cramps are sometimes so painful that they make me nauseous. And they were even worse when I was a teenager before I began birth control pills. That being said, I really do think that periods sometimes get a bad rep despite all of the good things they provide our bodies with! Aunt Flow may drive us crazy, but she does it out of love and has our best interests at heart, people! So let’s take a moment to give our dear Aunt Flow some much needed (and overdue) respect. Here are five reasons why your period is actually awesome!

1. Getting your period means your not pregnant

Disregard this if you’re someone who wants to or is trying to get pregnant, of course. But for those of us who want nothing to do with having children right now, getting your period each month is like winning the Oscar for best baby avoider of the year, or something like that! While this joy may be short lived, the feeling of relief that you get when you realize there’s no chance of being pregnant is incredible (even when you’ve been practicing safe sex – some of us are crazy worriers because nothing is 100%, okay?!). And I mean, then you kind of go from relief/excitement to dread because you start getting cramps/migraines/whatever else it is you experience but WHATEVER TOTALLY WORTH IT!

2. it’s like a monthly report card about your health

Okay, so maybe some of us loved report cards as kids, maybe others hated them. Let’s pretend for arguments sake that we enjoy report cards. There are actually a lot of aspects of our health that can affect our period (though everyone’s period is unique to them when it comes to what’s “regular”). Some health benefits of having a period include: knowing when your hormones are out of balance, learning about the wellness of your bones, thyroid, and metabolic functions, identifying your peak days of sexual arousal, and much more! You can learn more about the details of health benefits that come from your period here. So there you have it! Don’t like doctors or eating an apple a day? Just analyze your period! (I’m totally joking, please go to the doctor regularly and eat your fruits and veggies).

3. you can use it as time for self-care

For the record, I am not saying you can just give up all responsibilities every month for a week because of your period. The world goes on fam, and unfortunately we as women need to just go along with it. Imagine if men got periods – they’d be in bed the whole time thinking they were dying, LOL – just kidding… kind of. 😛 I will say that some people’s symptoms are worse than others and may require medical treatment, which you should never have to feel ashamed about.

That being said, I truly believe in the power of self-care, especially at times like when you’re on your period and need a little bit of extra TLC. If you want to stay in and watch Netflix all weekend and don’t have any other responsibilities, then go for it! If you want to eat ice cream out of the tub, you do you girl, but maybe limit that one to like, your heaviest day so you don’t fall into a downward health spiral, lol.

4. It eliminates unnecessary uterine lining cells

Do you enjoy feeling bloated or having unnecessary cells just sitting around in your body? No? Me neither. Thank god for our periods helping to clean us out to minimize all of those unnecessary problems, amirite ladies?! Let’s appreciate our periods more for all of that hard work that they do.

5. It makes you appreciate the rest of the month

You know when you get a cold and you think to yourself “I’ll never take breathing for granted ever again!”? How good does it feel when you finally get rid of that cold and can feel fresh oxygen flowing through your nose and into your lungs? Girl, it’s the same thing with periods! After a week of dealing with cramps, migraines, tampons/pads, and general feelings of lethargy and yuckiness, it feels so good when the flow finally stops and you can wear white pants again! (although maybe don’t do that on the first day when there’s a chance of still spotting… or just makes sure to wear a liner, lol). It makes us stronger to go through such chaos each month, and it helps us to appreciate the good times (aka when we’re not on our period)!

Now, let’s get talking! Share in the comments something about periods (it could be a story, a fact, anything) and let’s have a conversation about it. Periods are completely natural, and about half of the population experiences them on a regular basis. Yet so many people are afraid to talk about this topic because it’s considered taboo. Let’s break that silence together, right here, right now! 

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2 thoughts on “#GirlTalk: 5 Reasons Why Your Period is Actually Pretty Awesome!

  1. Well said ! It really does make you appreciate the rest of the month ! Lol

    Posted on May 3, 2017 at 5:37 pm
  2. Preach!

    Posted on May 8, 2017 at 9:02 am