When you start any kind of venture in your online business, you need to make sure you have the time to manage it. All too often, I see people struggle to keep up with what they said they were going to do. (My hand is raised. I’m also guilty.)

Then what happens is you feel like a failure because you prepared your audience to hear from you in a certain way and then you were not able to keep up with it regularly.

If you think that a Facebook group is a great way to keep track of your audience and to engage with them on a regular basis, you are correct. The thing is that you must be prepared of how to accomplish these goals when you start a Facebook group and to ensure that it fits properly into your schedule.

One of the most common reasons that I have seen many Facebook pages close over the last several months is because the owner got overwhelmed. First of all, the owner would have to hire administrative help to assist with the management of the Facebook group. Then they would find that infighting and conflicts flooded through the Facebook group, making it a draining and difficult place to me. In order to avoid these kinds of challenges, you need to think about how to make the most out of Facebook groups as a business owner.

Both running your own Facebook group and appropriately networking in other groups is extremely important. In this first blog post, I’ll be focusing on how to make use of a Facebook group as the owner of one.

Consider Your Schedule

First of all, ensure that you have the appropriate time to commit to posting in the group regularly.

At least a few times a week, be ready to engage with your audience. You can learn a lot from the people in your Facebook group, but you must be prepared to do the work and ask them what they need the most assistance with.

This can provide critical guidance in future Facebook lives, posts that answer their questions or even products that you ultimately sell to them. It’s a good idea to book this into your schedule well in advance so that you remember to jump into the Facebook group and interact regularly.

Set Up the Rules in Advance

Secondly, make it clear exactly what members are responsible for doing. Are promotional posts allowed? Are they only allowed during a particular day? What kinds of behavior will lead to someone being kicked out of the group? These questions should be answered before you even start your Facebook group and should be included in the community guidelines. The third thing you need to do when launching a Facebook group is to think about how you will manage it as it grows. Where will you recruit people to join the Facebook group from? How will you encourage people to participate in the Facebook rather than simply joining it and forgetting about it?

Making the most of a Facebook group as a business owner requires that you give some type of value. This could be during weekly posts, sharing your podcasts or Facebook live videos, but you need some method for your audience to interact with you, such that they are encouraged to check into the group on a regular basis.

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