Every time you hear the success story of someone who just gave it their all and went for it, it’s tempting to believe that you want to start your own business as well. Now, don’t get me wrong – owning a business is hard work.


There are days when the challenges seem insurmountable. Other days, you simply don’t want to be there. However, starting your own business can potentially be one of your greatest blessings. t pushes you to grow personally and professionally. It also helps you develop into becoming a strong leader.


Launching a business can also provide a wide variety of benefits for your life. Despite this, too many people hold off on starting a business simply because of fear.


When I first started my freelance writing and online business, I ran into some people who mentioned that they’re also interested in running their own business. They’d look into it further. Or so they say.


Three years later, we chanced upon each other again. They still haven’t started the business that they wanted to.


Fear is the biggest demotivator for most people. Nine times out of ten, people fail to launch their own business simply because they’re too scared. They didn’t trust themselves; they didn’t feel confident in their abilities; or they assumed that there was a large chance that they were going to make the effort and simply fail.




Are You Waiting Too Long To Make the Jump?


Fear should never hold you back from launching a business. Some of the most successful business people and entrepreneurs today, are those who just simply go for it.


They put in a lot of research of looking into their market, developing a product or identifying a service that the world needs. Then,they go after it full-force. They make themselves known as an expert in that particular field.


The “fake-it-til-you-make-it” mentality is important in the beginning, when you still lack the proper credibility and track record. You won’t have testimonials from clients, you won’t have published pieces of work, and you won’t have a portfolio – yet.


Regardless, you still need to have the confidence to market a product or service to other people. Faking it until you make it helps you get over the fear. You simply need to position yourself in confidence, so that you can avoid the negative impact of feeling like you’re not going to succeed.


Bear in mind that for every single business owner )even those who own wildly successful companies with high profit margins) had to approach fear numerous timesalong the journey to success.


Starting your business is just the first time that you will encounter fear, but once you overcome it, you’ll feel much more confident down the road when you encounter other challenges.


Owning a Business Always Comes with Challenges… But the Fear Dissipates Some.


I promise that it gets easier.


Getting over the fear of launching your business is nothing, compared to the fact the not taking action could lead you to regret years later. Most people who own a business or accomplish any other major goals have the one common reflection: I wish I had started sooner.


In order to get over the fear of launching your business, there are several different things that you can do to help shift your mindset. These include:

  • Think about how your life would be different if you had more freedom over your income and your time.
  • Think about how your family would be positively impacted by the changes you could make in their life, simply by owning a business.
  • Think about how many people you could reach with your new and innovative business.
  • Think about how other people’s lives will be changed as a result of your action.
  • Make a vision board of the things you can do when you achieve your business goals. Keep it front and center so you see it every single day, and be constantly reminded of your amazing goals.



All of these steps can help reposition your mindset when it comes to starting your own business.


So tell me now… what’s holding you back?


What’s your reason for not starting today and building the biz of your dreams?


Ask yourself this – what would you do if you weren’t afraid?

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