My past few weeks have been a little insane – totally burning the candle at both ends, and I hate to say it, but it’s catching up to me. I learned a long time ago not to allow overwhelm into my life, but there are definitely still times when I reach a point that I’m straight up burnt out.

How To Stop Being Burnt Out

Now is one of those times.

What leads to burnout? Usually just being afraid of saying ‘no’ to things. Add on too many jobs, responsibilities, and social commitments and you’ve got a surefire street straight to burn out zone. But being burnt out is also a mentality – it’s this feeling we get that we aren’t successful unless we’re as busy as possible. Being busy and overworked is seen as desirable, and we pretty much expect people with high profile careers to be burnt out most of the time. As a culture, we’re normalizing burn out when we should be moving way in the other direction.

Listen – I fully believe that you can ‘have it all’. Literally have your cake and eat it too. But having it all doesn’t mean that you have to do it all, all of the time. In fact, it’s quite the opposite; if you want to have it “all”, whatever that means to you (career, family, adventure, freedom, love, etc), you have to be able to filter the important bits and say “no way Jose” to the parts that might not be so important. It’s about learning to prioritize what truly fulfills you and spend less time on the other stuff. For example: if you’re trying to build a blog and working on it is what lights you up, it might be more important to you to stay in with some rose´ and WordPress on a leisurely Friday night instead of trying to fit in drinks with your coworkers after work then staying up late writing afterwards. Or maybe not. There’s no real formula; it’s about following your gut and making room for the important things – the really important things.

Lately I’ve let myself get sidetracked by taking on too many responsibilities at once because I like all of them and do genuinely get something out of each one. Primarily, I’m making more money than usual, and making money means more funding for the AEYC brand, more in the wedding fund, and more financial freedom. BUT taking on all these responsibilities had ended up taking time away from the blog (my biggest priority) and making me feel very near the stage of being burned out.

This weekend, I’m taking the opportunity to really evaluate my priorities and rearrange my schedule to make sure every day is enjoyable, productive, and fulfilling….and taking me where I want to go. And I might just take the entire day of Sunday to get a manicure, drink some Summer Water, and binge watch Amy Schumer. Because why the fuck not, right? Bye bye, burn out.

How do you avoid getting burnt out?

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