Is A Facebook Group Right for You?

If you are like me, you will have notice that in the last couple of weeks, a number of really successful Facebook group owners have closed down their group. Many have closed it down permanently. Such as the groups run by Melyssa Griffin. This is a major trend that is becoming more popular for a number of different reasons.

First of all, Facebook groups can be great way to grow your brand and your influence. It allows people to interact with you directly and it’s likely the people who engage in a group on regular basis maybe more interested in purchasing something from you when the opportunity arises.

However, running a Facebook group is not easy. In fact, most of the people I know who run large and successful Facebook groups definitely get a lot of business from them but have to dedicate a tremendous amount of time to managing them. To learn more, listen to this podcast episode with Abagail and Emilee from the ‘Strategy Hour’ about why they chose to keep their Facebook open.

Abagail and Emilee are very successful business partners who have a Facebook group with thousands of people in it but they share just how difficult it is to manage a Facebook group and the amount of time they must put into it. First of all, growing a Facebook group does allow you that one-on-one interaction but you have also got to moderate it constantly.

This means you have to be popping in there regularly to answer questions and to approve new people for the group but also to handle inappropriate comments, posts, or to deny individuals who don’t belong in the group to begin with. This can be a full-time job in and of itself and many people are not prepared for it when they start a Facebook group. As your group grows, so too will the number of people inside it and the posts being made.

It’s Hard for People to Connect When Groups Get Bigger

You may have to hire someone to help manage all of these concerns. Another reason that I see Facebook groups being problematic for certain business owners is that they may become too promotional. If people are simply dropping promotional materials into your Facebook group all the time, this muddies the waters and makes it difficult to find the helpful post.

So, someone looking for advice may find that their post is buried amidst dozens of other promotional posts and therefore they never get the help that they need causing them to leave. Other people may simply get annoyed with all of the notifications provided and they won’t know how or will not take the time to stop the notifications and therefore will get annoyed by the volume of materials being posted. You also have to be mindful of hurt feelings in Facebook groups.

People’s Feelings Often Get Hurt in Facebook Groups if You’re Not Moderating Often

On the internet, it’s all too easy for someone’s feelings to get hurt because something wasn’t taken the right way or because someone provided feedback that the poster wasn’t quite ready to hear. All of these reasons should encourage you to think carefully before starting a Facebook group by asking these questions:

·       What do I hope to obtain from this Facebook group?

·       What membership requirements will I have before approving someone into the group?

·       How much of my personal time can be dedicated to managing this Facebook group? If I don’t have any time, am I in a position to outsource this to someone else?

·       What will I do if the group becomes too much for me to handle?

However, a Facebook group has some pretty awesome benefits, too:

·       Being able to conduct Facebook lives there and then transfer them into mini-trainings or Youtube videos

·       Being able to show a personal side to yourself by connecting with your audience

·       Allowing people to come together and collaborate with each other

It can be difficult to arrive at the decision that you need to close down a Facebook group and yet, that has been the case with a number of different people lately who have gotten frustrated with the volume of work that it requires or the fact that certain people were not following the guidelines and discouraging others from participating. Keep this is in the back of your mind as you think about establishing a Facebook group. In order for it to be successful, you must have clear guidelines, you must be willing to be there on a regular basis and you must know how to handle problems, if they arise.





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