Los Angeles is a difficult place. Glitz, glamour, drunk celebrities falling out of their cars, Amanda Bynes in a wig- all things you’d expect on a given day. But down to earth, holistically healthy, hilarious, and insanely nice? Definitely not in LA. Right?

Enter: Whitney English.

It’s safe to say that I’m mildly obsessed with Whitney. I mean, the girl’s got it going on. From writing about health to pursuing her dreams in the cutthroat world of Tinseltown to interviewing some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities….this 28 year old tv host and blogger is one motivated, determined, passionate babe. Oh and did I mention that she’s basically the nicest person I’ve ever met in LA? I mean, that’s what AEYC is all about: women who aren’t afraid to go all out for their career, follow their dreams, take no prisoners, but still stay kind, friendly, and open to expanding their horizons and circles of friends. Plus, she has an adorable fluffy animal. And knows THE best places to nosh in LA (that don’t require being an Olsen to get in), has cracked the celebrity diet code (it’s not what you think…see below!), and is the kind of girl that would invite you over for a nice organic meal in her house if she met you on the street. Sold.

I’m so excited to introduce you guys to serious mega babe, Whitney English (get ready to be completely inspired!)

Introduce Your Babealicious Self: Hi I’m Whitney! I’m a 28-year-old health blogger “living the dream” in Los Angeles. I’m an outgoing, animal-loving, outdoorsy, sometimes fashionable, food fanatic. My time is spent coming up with crazy recipes, treating my dog Mr. Chow like a human, making funny videos with my blogger friends, interviewing celebrities, doing power yoga, and bargain shopping.

Tell Us About Your Killer Blog: On To Live & Diet in L.A. you can expect to find mouth-watering recipes that are super healthy, informative articles about the latest diet and fitness news, helpful tips for sticking to your diet, fitness videos, interviews with celebrities, and lot’s of pictures of my big fluffy dog Mr. Chow.

What Originally Inspired You To Do What You Do? I moved out here with the goal of working my way up the Hollywood reporter’s ladder and one day stealing Giuliana Rancic’s job. However, after six years of reporting on why Lindsay Lohan was being arrested yet again, I got a little burnt out. I knew celebrity gossip was not where my heart was, and I started the blog To Live & Diet in L.A. as an outlet where I could write about my real passion, nutrition and fitness. My love of healthy food and exercise was cultivated by my family and really grew after I learned more about it losing those dreaded college lbs. I recently decided to focus solely on my blog, while still reporting and writing for various outlets on the side (gotta pay the bills, you know what I’m saying!), and I am going back to school in the Spring to get my Master’s in Nutrition and become a Registered Dietician.

How Did You Get Started? Majored in Broadcast Journalism at University of Arizona. Hustled to get an internship at E!. Interned for Ryan Seacrest. Hustled to get them to hire me. Worked at E! for 3 1/2 years, worked at SheKnows.com for 2 1/2 years. High points: interviewing Katie Couric, Jennifer Aniston, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Johnny Depp, and Matt Damon. Low point: interviewing Tila Tequila. Nitty gritty deets: I once was assigned to sit outside Britney Spears house in my car with a pack of papparazzi waiting to get a glimpse of her. Not a proud moment.

TV Host & Healthy Lifestyle Blogger Erin Lane interviews celebrities and inspirational women on success, healthy living, and having your most awesome life

What Kind Of Backlash/Problems/Crappy People/Challenges Did You Face/Are You Facing? A big obstacle for me was dealing with the cutthroat competition here in Hollywood. Many people here have similar goals and some people are willing to hurt others to achieve theirs. I’ve had people back stab me and bad-mouth me, but I’ve gotten through it by keeping my head high and remembering that you can only control yourself. I’ve never bought into aggressive competition. There is enough success to go around! 

My biggest obstacle right now though is getting through school. In college I majored in Broadcast Journalism. So while I can cover a red carpet like nobody’s business, I don’t know the first thing about Chemistry! I’m excited (but naturally nervous) about taking on an insane amount of science over the next four years while I earn my masters.

Are You Hitched Up Or Doing The Single Lady? I’m actually celebrating my 5-year anniversary with my boyfriend this week! We met here in Los Angeles and I’m proud to say he’s one of those hard to find “nice guys.” We have similar goals, values, and interests. We both like to be physically active and spend a lot of time outdoors. Having a partner who is on the same page health and fitness-wise is obviously very important to me. He’s also been the biggest supporter of my decision to switch careers, and I couldn’t do it without him!

Advice For Staying Healthy When You’re Busy As Hell: Surprisingly enough, it’s not easy. Even though I write about diet and fitness, sometimes it’s still hard to stay on track with my own routine. Making to do lists and keeping a calender is the only way I stay on top of it all. I try to exercise first thing in the morning to get that out of the way and I do all of my grocery shopping on Sunday to make sure I have healthy, easy-to-make recipes for the week. I drink one cup of coffee in the morning and then alternate between water and green tea for the rest of the day to stay hydrated and energized. And I always get my 8 hours. Sticking to a weekly routine is really the key. Make healthy lifestyle choices a habit, and you won’t have to remember to do them.

If You Could Go Back And Give Your Highschool Self One Piece Of Advice, What Would It Be? Don’t worry so much about boys. If I could convert the amount of time and tears I wasted on loser “bad boys” in high school into dollars, I would have gotten a full ride to Harvard!

Favorite Healthy Recipe For Busy Babes: My favorite quick and easy recipe is a “baked” sweet potato with fat free greek yogurt. All you have to do is poke a few holes in the potato with a knife, wrap it in a damp paper towel, and microwave for about 6-7 minutes. Then you top it with the yogurt (aka mock sour cream) and enjoy! This is the perfect lunch or mid-day snack for busy ladies. It has tons of vitamins, complex carbs, and protein. And, it’s only 200 calories (with a 6 oz portion of yogurt). If you want to pack in some power greens, eat it with a side spinach salad. I eat this about four times a week.

How Do You Stay Social? I stay social the same way I stay fit, by making it a priority. I schedule regular lunches and hikes with my best girlfriends and date nights with the bf. I love to kill two birds with one stone by combining workouts with gab fests or restaurants reviews with date nights. If I bring Mr. Chow along to either, then I can cross three priorities off the list! I’m a multi-tasking machine.

What’s In Your Bag? They Say Bags Are The Windows To The Soul… Concealor and lip gloss, Justin’s Nut Butter, a banana, Ray Bans, hand-cream, whitening strips, Zevia coupons, my recorder, a stain removing pen, hair ties, and a dog-poop bag, haha

#1 Tip For Making Your Dreams A Reality: Figure out what you really want to do… and then just do it. It’s that simple. Once you know your goal, then you can figure out a plan of attack. But first you have to identify it and commit to it. Don’t waste another day of your life doing something you’re not passionate about. You only get one life, don’t waste it being miserable.

TV Host and Health and Fitness Expert Erin Lane interviews celebrities to get the skinny on success, weight loss tips, living your dreams, and being your best you

TV Host and Health and Fitness Expert Erin Lane interviews celebrities to get the skinny on success, weight loss tips, living your dreams, and being your best you

#1 quick-holy-shit-i-have-to-wear-a-bikini-in-public Tip/Trick? Eek! How much time do I have?!! If it’s tomorrow:

-Get a spray tan stat!
-Don’t eat anything salty or drink anything fizzy (like soda).
-Drink a TON of water.
-No food after 6 p.m.

Favorite Spot For A Quick Shopping Trip That Will Make You Feel Like A Million Bucks: Zara. Obsessed with their stylish, affordable clothes and shoes.

Favorite Slice o’ Cake: Hmmm…I like confetti cake. It looks like it might just be a regular old vanilla cake on the outside but then you slice in and see all the rainbow sprinkles inside and you’re like, “Wowza! This piece is anything but ordinary.”

Favorite LA Nosh Spots? If I tell you, you better promise not to blow up my spot 🙂

Echi Sushi on Santa Monica in WeHo (best brown rice rolls in town)

Doughboys on 3rd Street (get the orange chicken salad).

Laurel Hardware in WeHo (fantastic food and lively bar scene)

Cafe Gratitude (best vegan kitchen ever!!)

Tips for eating healthy when eating out? Oh man, I did a three part series on this! 


Some quick tips: go for red sauce over white. Always ask your waiter if meat/fish can be grilled or baked with no oil or extra virgin olive oil. Skip the bread basket and chug some water. Ask for whole grains over processed bread, pasta, or rice. Get your dressing on the side or use balsamic vinegar. Mash up an avocado as a spread for your sandwich instead of mayo. The list goes on… 🙂

Skinny cocktails? I’m a big wino. There’s no way they can sneak extra sugar into my Petite Sirah or Pinot Grigio, so I stick with wine. If you prefer cocktails though, go for vodka soda with a tiny splash of your juice of choice. My best gals and I came up with the perfect concoction one Halloween when we were dressed as Girl Scouts: vodka, soda, splash of pineapple, splash of cranberry. We called it, The Troop Trouble.

Any celeb diet/fitness/health secrets? The biggest secret…. there is no secret! Celebs don’t have a magic pill they get from their uber-expensive trainers that helps them look like goddesses. They just work out A TON and eat incredibly clean. It’s just easier for them because they get paid to look that way. If someone paid you to stick to your diet, it might be a little easier right?!

Side note: some celebs take unhealthy measures to get skinny and then talk about eating whatever they want in the media. Remember, if you can see their bones sticking out, it’s not some amazing new diet they’re on, they’re just not eating. Bottom line.

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