Owning a business is a rollercoaster and that means that in addition to the high highs you experience with zero G forces when you have an up day, you are also going to experience down points in your business.

I recently experienced one of these down points when taking on too much work.

I thought I could handle all of the responsibilities I had on my plate, but it turns out that I had simply booked in too many clients over the same three-week period and was struggling to keep up with deadlines.

In addition to the stress that is caused by a situation like this, you are also more likely to reconsider owning a business as a whole. You might start day dreaming of that day job or cutting back your hours. Use these pressure points of feeling overwhelmed to determine what you can change in the future.

What if I’m on Deadline?

If you are on deadline or have particular responsibilities you need to keep up with, I recommend continuing to push through the challenges at that particular point in time.

You can decide what you are going to do with your business after the fact, but if you have made promises to other people and have obligations that you must uphold, you must simply consider repeating a mantra such as “I have absolutely 100% got this” and wading through them up one project at a time.

Being overwhelmed can also be an indication that you are no longer happy with your business, that you have far too many clients paying too little or that you have simply lost the passion and drive.

Now remember that every entrepreneur is going to go through ups and downs, so you are certainly not alone if you are having a down day and wondering about whether or not owning a business is still right for you.

If this persists over many weeks, however, this is a sign you should consider going a different direction with your business, such as focusing on a new project, cutting back your hours significantly, selling the business or other options.

It’s Okay to be Overwhelmed Every so Often

It can be very difficult to approach a subject like this and take it seriously, but remember that one or two days every so often when you are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed is not a sign of your complete failure. In fact, this is usually a time when experienced and professional entrepreneurs will push through the challenges and go to the next level.

If you have ever heard the saying that there is often a miracle right around the corner and many people give up right before it comes, keep this in mind when you are facing a difficult time in your business. If you are feeling overwhelmed, there are a couple of different tips I can recommend in order to help keep you on track. These include;

  • Having clear off hours for your business, such as the time when you turn your email inbox off and put your cellphone on airplane mode.
  • Communicating to any clients or anyone who will be affected by your slowed down or overwhelmed status. You don’t need to give them all the details about your personal life, but rather an expectation of when they should be able to hear from you or have their project complete.
  • Don’t forget to include self-care. It might seem counter intuitive that you actually need more time for yourself during a period when you feel overwhelmed, but it is absolutely true. Don’t neglect yourself in favor of trying to push through too many projects and simply burning yourself out.
  • Make notes of how much time you are spending doing particular tasks. This will make it easier for you if you need to outsource some tasks in the future or if you intend to scale back your business. Note which of those tasks you don’t enjoy doing because these are obvious candidates for outsourcing right away.

Experiencing overwhelm in your business is never easy, although it does get easier over time. Keeping in the back of your mind your big goals and the reason why you established a business in the first place can help you to reframe your perspective when you are confronting challenges.


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