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Is A Facebook Group Right for You?

If you are like me, you will have notice that in the last couple of weeks, a number of really successful Facebook group owners have closed down their group. Many have closed it down permanently. Such as the groups run by Melyssa Griffin. This is a major trend that is becoming more popular for a number of different reasons.

First of all, Facebook groups can be great way to grow your brand and your influence.

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There are lots of businesses you can easily set up with money from backers or a gift.

But what about those of you feeling the entrepreneurial desire without any of the moolah to start it?

It can actually be better to start a business with a zero-dollar budget because you don’t stand to lose much.

If you start your business, hate it, and then close out, the most you’re out is your time.

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I bet you’ve probably heard something along the lines of “you shouldn’t use medication for anxiety or depression” at some point in your life. There’s such a stigma behind all things related to mental illness, but particularly when it comes to medication. Why is that, do you think? I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of hearing stuff like that, because medication to treat mental illness can literally save someone’s life.

Before you start thinking that I’m pushing medication on people,

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Toxic relationships. We’ve all been there at one point or another. The lies, the cheating, the manipulation – unfortunately these are all things we’re all far too familiar with. But are you aware of the subtle signs that you or someone you know are in the middle of a toxic relationship? Here’s what you need to know and what you can do about it.

If you’re interested in hearing about my personal experiences being in a toxic relationship when I was younger,

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Forgiveness. We’ve all heard the word before, but do we truly understand the meaning of it? Do we really know how to forgive in a way that’s healthy for us? What are we supposed to do when someone has hurt us in a way that feels unforgivable and won’t apologize? How do we navigate the difficult times when forgiveness seems completely out of the question. And finally, do we truly understand the impact that choosing not to forgive can have on our own well-being?

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Most people who start their own business are doing so on a bootstrapped basis, meaning that they do not have a lot of resources to turn to as it relates to investing in their business.


They might use free trials of programs and refuse to outsource and try to handle everything on their own, simply because there is no other way to do it. This is common for any solopreneur who is making their first venture into a new business,

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Who else is so excited that summer is HERE?

We get to enjoy sunlit outdoors until 9pm, wear our bright colored dresses, lounge by the water, decorate our homes with flower bunches, and get more involved with community activities and events. Summer evening get-togethers become the new norm, we suddenly eat a lot healthier, and restaurants are chosen for their patio aesthetics. The kids are out of school and everyone’s itching to make the most of this favorite season!

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Especially for the solopreneur, it’s easy to keep everything on your plate at least at the beginning of your business. In fact, some people begin to develop their business this way and don’t understand the negative habits that they have associated with trying to manage everything on their own.

Momentum Drops and You Feel More Hot Mess than Superhero

At the beginning of your business adventure, you’re bootstrapped and probably don’t have the funds necessary to hire someone else to help you.

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It initially seems relatively easy to keep doing everything on your own in your business. In fact, far too many of us, and in particular women, are guilty of doing it.

We assume that there’s only one right way of doing things and it’s our way.

We assume that because we’ve been successful in business by doing things all on our own for months or even years, that it’s best to keep things within our own house and manage everything on our own.

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So, this is a difficult thing for me to write about, as it’s an incredibly personal struggle that I’ve just recently been able to overcome. It’s something I struggled with for a long time, completely alone and in silence. It’s not something that’s easy for me to talk about, but it’s an incredibly stigmatized topic that needs someone to shine light on it. So that’s what I’m here to do today.

What is vaginismus?
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