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There is a lot of talk all over the place about something called “work-life balance”. There’s a lot of reading material on the subject, but honestly, it’s a little confusing. The traditional model of work/life that always kind of bugged me is this:

  1. Find out what you’re good at
  2. Choose a career where you can use those skills
  3. Work hard, climb the ladder, make money
  4. Use that money to do things you actually enjoy
  5. Try to carve out time outside of work for the “important things”

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Do you ever have one of those moments where it feels like work is your whole life? As in: you haven’t attended any non blog related social events in months, you talk to more people on Instagram and in blog comment sections than you do in real life, and you have to tear the phone out of your own hands so you stop building your Pinterest boards at 1am? Today, while hanging out in my favorite blog &

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Goal setting is HUGE! Without goals to work towards, success is pretty much impossible. It’s in your nature to need to grow, think bigger, and want more. Goals give us something to look to, something to focus on, and something to get us through the times that we want to give up and never work again. Goals are good. Goals are necessary.

The #1 Reason You Don't Reach Your Goals

Unfortunately, most people never reach their goals.


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Raise your hand if you’ve straight up Googled “how to be successful”.

I am super guilty, and I bet you are too. You probably found a lot of articles about working hard, waking up early, and doing whatever it takes to climb the ladder and make to success. Or maybe you read ‘The Secret’ (great book, but a little misunderstood) and decided you should start writing down ‘I am rich and successful’

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If you’ve been following me for a while, you know my biggest self-sabotage is overloading my schedule. But when you want to write a blog, run a business, make money, and enjoy life all at the same time, it gets hard to figure out how to actually manage your ever growing to-do list effectively.

I used to think my to-do lists were just about fitting as much stuff into each day as possible.

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The secret to success is knowing when to say no

Reading this quote (albeit, a roughly translated Confucius saying on success that is easier for my brain to wrap around this way) makes me cringe. I’ve been chasing a seriously large amount of rabbits lately – one of my biggest black holes and bad habits that I fall into time and time again.

I recently had someone who’s judgement I trust imperatively (she’s the pure definition of a girlboss –

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It may not be a five letter word, but it’s a dirty word to SO many people. The ‘D’ word that people whisper and try to cover up. The big ol’ DEPRESSION (that was me yelling it really loudly because I give absolutely no fucks).

There’s no secret that there is still a stigma around depression and anxiety, even though it’s becoming increasingly clear that these afflictions affect a lot of people.

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Where you should be at each stage of your life

Do you remember being like 12 years old and planning out your life timeline? Like – where should you be at 25? Where should you be at 30?

Mine waffled between get married at 22, kids at 25, become an Olympic horseback rider at 28, have a million dollars by 30 AND famous actor by 20, retire and producer award winning documentary films by 28, date a younger male model by 30.

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How To Get A Raise or How To Be Your Own Boss

One thing I’ve never been very good at is asking to be paid more money. Or really asking for money in general. On the flip side, I definitely always want to make more money. When I first started working in TV, I would host shows for free and work in production for below minimum wage to prove that I had the dedication (and hopefully, talent) to deserve to be there.

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