Ok guys- so I’m pretty sure I just met literally the coolest chick on the planet. No, scratch that- the most awesome person alive. Seriously. 
Confession: I have the biggest, mushiest girl crush on Mercedes Maidana.
Not only is Mercedes a killer big wave surfer (um, she was nominated for the Billabong XXL Awards big wave ride of the year three times), but she is also just a downright incredible human being. Mercedes never even set foot on a surfboard until her early twenties, but she fell in love with it so much that she decided to turn herself into a pro surfer even though she was years behind the other pros in the game. And not just a pro surfer- a professional big wave surfer; that means she charges the most dangerous waves in the game. Through sheer determination and a focus on manifesting Mercedes made her dreams come true a mere five years after setting her goal. She is now a representative for everyone’s favorite adventure brand, the one and only Patagonia, and spends her life exploring the best breaks in the world with her handsome hubby.
As if that’s not enough to make you as obsessed with her as I am, Mercedes has dedicated her life to helping others reach their dreams just like she did. As an abundance coach and an expert on manifesting, she is solidly doing her part to make this world a better place. Positivity practically radiates out of her eyeballs, but she definitely knows what it’s like to have the odds stacked against you. I sat down with the bombshell blonde surf goddess to talk beating the odds, hell yeah moments, hot husbands, booty shaking, and beauty essentials:

+Erin:You started surfing a lot later in life than most of your peers; what was it about surfing that made you fall in love? 
Mercedes: It gave me my joy back. At the time I started surfing I was very depressed after a bad breakup. I was devastated. Then I discovered surfing and my life turned around 180 degrees. I think that the fact that we are always in the moment while dealing with the waves made me fall in love with the sport.

+Shortly after your first time on a surfboard, you decided to go pro in the world of big wave surfing. As a brand spankin’ new surfer relative to the rest of the field as well as a woman in a mostly male dominated sport, I can imagine you encountered all kinds of resistance! What was that journey like? 
The biggest resistance I encountered was in between my two ears. That voice that said ” You can’t do this. You are not good enough. You are crazy for wanting this”. I was so passionate about my dream, that I had no other choice than to overcome those voices and do it anyway. It was an intense journey, with lots of effort, focus and sacrifice. But I also had lots of joy, happiness, sense of achievement and moment of pure union with nature. I wouldn’t change any of it as it made me discover more of who I am.

+Not only did you achieve your dreams, but you managed to stay incredibly positive and not the least bit jaded. What’s your advice for staying positive when the road gets rough?
I wasn’t always positive. There were times where nothing was opening up for me. I was doing jobs that I didn’t like at all, to be able to pay my bills while I was committed to make my career as a big wave surfer happen. There were lots of times where things got rough: in and out of the water. The key was consistency. Things take time to manifest sometimes.
 I  allowed myself to cry, weep, scream and have my pity party, but then, after that was all done, I had to get back on the horse and keep going.

+You’re one badass big wave surfer (ahem three-time Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards nominee), but there’s a lot more to you than amazing athlete and pretty face! How would you describe yourself outside of the surf world?
My joy in life is to help others accomplish their deepest dreams, using the techniques that I’ve applied into my own life. I work as an Abundance Coach, I help people manifest the life they envision in their hearts. I also do Motivational Speaking and writing to share my message of abundance all over the world.

+You are a big believer in manifesting what you want in life. A lot of people have trouble wrapping their head around the whole manifestation thing….what are your tried and true manifesting tips?
We need to have a clear focus and vision of what we are going for. We need to take LOVING action, which is what I call following our “Hell Yeah!”. If we follow our inner joy and enthusiasm daily, and do each step of the way with love and gratitude, we will manifest fast and easily. The key of manifesting is to co-create with a power higher than ouserlves: we set our intention, we do the steps to get there and we allow for our joy and our highest good to unfold along the process.

+What’s the most awesome thing you’ve manifested lately?
A big chunk of unexpected income that came to me as a surprise. 

+Big news: you’ve got a book coming out soon! Congrats! What can we look forward to in your new book?
Thanks! I can’t wait to have it out in the world!
I’ll be sharing all the principles that I’ve applied into my life, so you can all manifest anything you want in your own life. It will be a step by step guide that will cover all the tools to expand into a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Okay, so a couple things I know my readers are dying to know about one of the most inspiring, fearless, gorgeous surfer chicks out there….

+What’s in your purse at all times?
Mac lip gloss and hand sanitizer.

+Three stranded-on-a desert-island-with-only-a-surfboard must have beauty products?
Kerastase Masquintense deep conditioning
Ella Bache sunblock foundation (it’s thick and lasts all day in the water)
A good moisturizing lotion for the night. I buy mine in Argentina from my dermatologist.

+Favorite workout outside of surfing?
I’m now taking a dance class that has some reggaeton, hip hop and funk. It’s a booty shaking class. Great workout and lots of fun.

+Your go-to healthy snack to fuel a grueling surf sesh?
Acai bowl with granola, strawberries and bananas

+Dream date with your handsome husband?
Going to a Broadway play and the dining in an argentian restaurant in Soho.That’s my perfect date!

For more info on Mercedes & to keep up with her (many) adventures, check out:

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