Author: Laura Pennington

When you develop something new in your business, don’t make the mistake of dedicating dozens of hours to something until you know there’s a demand for it.

If you ask most online business owners whether there’s been a failure in their past, the answer will always always be no. I have found that some of my biggest failures were when I had this “brilliant” business idea that I spent a lot of time outlining and creating only to find that no one wanted to buy it.

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Every time you hear the success story of someone who just gave it their all and went for it, it’s tempting to believe that you want to start your own business as well. Now, don’t get me wrong – owning a business is hard work.


There are days when the challenges seem insurmountable. Other days, you simply don’t want to be there. However, starting your own business can potentially be one of your greatest blessings.

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Most people who start their own business are doing so on a bootstrapped basis, meaning that they do not have a lot of resources to turn to as it relates to investing in their business.


They might use free trials of programs and refuse to outsource and try to handle everything on their own, simply because there is no other way to do it. This is common for any solopreneur who is making their first venture into a new business,

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Especially for the solopreneur, it’s easy to keep everything on your plate at least at the beginning of your business. In fact, some people begin to develop their business this way and don’t understand the negative habits that they have associated with trying to manage everything on their own.

Momentum Drops and You Feel More Hot Mess than Superhero

At the beginning of your business adventure, you’re bootstrapped and probably don’t have the funds necessary to hire someone else to help you.

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It initially seems relatively easy to keep doing everything on your own in your business. In fact, far too many of us, and in particular women, are guilty of doing it.

We assume that there’s only one right way of doing things and it’s our way.

We assume that because we’ve been successful in business by doing things all on our own for months or even years, that it’s best to keep things within our own house and manage everything on our own.

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It might sound like strange advice to tell you that you are going to have to fire your clients as you grow your online business, but it’s absolutely imperative that you consider this as serious advice. In fact, I tell many people that one of the reasons that I have been able to grow a freelance writing business with six figures in revenue is because I have fired clients and understood the negative qualities about past clients that I don’t want to see in future ones.

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I guys, it’s Laura.

Listen – I had a catastrophic accounting mistake that happened early on in my freelance career by assuming that any CPA could manage my taxes. What happened was the CPA who was more experienced with brick and mortar businesses, made mistakes that it took me years and hundreds of dollars to fix with the help of another CPA. That was essentially money and time thrown down the toilet and I was very bitter about it for a long time.

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Let’s be honest- we’re not always telling the truth about how productive we are. Admit it- you probably spend ten hours or more per week watching TV, right? Probably another five with email?

Yikes. It’s embarrassing just to think about. That’s why I started tracking myself- I was way underestimating the time I spent on non-productive tasks.

If you’re a business owner or just a busy person in general, it’s important to understand that there are many different tools that you can use to keep yourself on top of all your responsibilities.

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Ever find that between emails and that written to-do list that you’re not exactly sure what you’re supposed to be working on?

Yep, me too, until I found a central place to keep it all.

Literally- all.

My podcast. My blogs. Things my VAs are working on. Email newsletters. Graphic design work. It’s all in one beautiful (and free!) place. So allow me to blow your mind today and be prepared to rip that paper to-do list up once and for all.

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If you are like any entrepreneur  (or maybe I’m specifically speaking for myself, that I’m sometimes way too disorganized) then you could potentially benefit from an online business manager.

Once you reach a point in your business where you have solid profits and are growing your revenue, it is important to consider what you can take off your plate. Initially, you may begin to outsource things to a virtual assistant or someone who handles particular tasks for you such as graphic design or social media.

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