Sweet Success Society is a blog, brand, and philosophy dedicated to helping Millenial success-driven women with big dreams cultivate both their passion and purpose. We’ll do this by giving them the tools and insight needed so they can kill it in their careers, get rich, and live BIG happy authentic amazing lives filled with #SweetSuccess!

Sweet Success Society is a community of big dreaming, world changing, supportive women – and at the helm are 5 unique, talented, successful ladies who bring you the best articles, discussions, and resources every single week.

Created by TV host and media personality Erin Lane, Sweet Success Society covers everything from manifesting and money mindsets to specific strategies for new entrepreneurs and aspiring bloggers. With actionable tips, a sprinkle of unicorn dust, and a heavy use of the color pink, Secret Success Society is your go-to spot for advice, inspiration, empowerment, and community.

There’s no filter here: there’s swearing, taboo subjects, TMI, shit your mom never told you about life and a whole lot of badassery.



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