Have you always wanted to create an online course? Have you been inspired by other people who are using online courses to supplement or replace their income in their life? If so, building an online course maybe right for you if you have a specific skill or knowledge of something that could help other people grow.

Most people are put off by the idea of developing an online course, however, because they think it is overwhelming and they assume they need to do everything all at once. That is not the case.

Planning Ahead for a Successful Course

Developing a course can take weeks or even months and it is not uncommon for people to give up before they even get started.

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The Society is unlike any course, membership site, subscription, or coaching package you’ve EVER invested in. It’s an all encompassing success toolkit to help you find clarity, discover your passion and purpose, quadruple your income (or more!), learn the ins & outs of business, mastermind with inspiring women, get intimate group coaching sessions, meet like minded boss ladies, nurture your soul, and manifest EVERYTHING you’ve every wanted.


It’s not just courses (but there are badass courses involved)


It’s not just coaching (but you get some seriously awesome group coaching)


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Is A Facebook Group Right for You?

If you are like me, you will have notice that in the last couple of weeks, a number of really successful Facebook group owners have closed down their group. Many have closed it down permanently. Such as the groups run by Melyssa Griffin. This is a major trend that is becoming more popular for a number of different reasons.

First of all, Facebook groups can be great way to grow your brand and your influence. It allows people to interact with you directly and it’s likely the people who engage in a group on regular basis maybe more interested in purchasing something from you when the opportunity arises.

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Hey guys, it’s Erin! Ok so listen: inspiration, motivation, and just generally feeling good and having faith isn’t a constant; it’s totally fine to have ups and downs and freak out occasionally. I’ve had a rough few weeks which actually really surprised me. Here’s why: I was so excited to quit freelancing to solely work for myself and run Sweet Success Society and my equestrian blog full time. The team got all fired up with plans for expanding Sweet Success into a bigger, more badass community by launching our amazing membership site The Society, along with creating a private Facebook group where readers can interact and connect.

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Who doesn’t love a great roundup of favorite hashtags?? We have 43 lifestyle Instagram hashtags right here for ya! There’s even a sub-category of happy/positive themed hashtags included in this list, because who couldn’t use a few extra of those sprinkled in their selection of 30 hashtags?

Lifestyle Instagram Hashtags

This hashtag list goes a step further than your average one—we’ve taken the time to pull the numbers and sort them by hashtag counts (aka, popularity rankings), so you can choose which hashtags are best suited for you and your audience. That means you can actually be strategic about mixing and matching hashtags to gain the most exposure and,

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Hello! It’s been a crazy few weeks – we have been busy creating amazing things for our new membership site: The Society – invaluable resources & community for driven women with big dreams. I cannot even begin to explain how amped up we are about this. With 5 girls building their best content and getting super fired up, this is just beyond. It’s high vibe. It’s diverse. It’s educational. It’s inspiring.

It’s fucking exciting.

I’m wildly impressed with our team and you guys are going to flip over the resources available in The Society.

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There are lots of businesses you can easily set up with money from backers or a gift.

But what about those of you feeling the entrepreneurial desire without any of the moolah to start it?

It can actually be better to start a business with a zero-dollar budget because you don’t stand to lose much.

If you start your business, hate it, and then close out, the most you’re out is your time. Whereas if you sink $5,000 into inventory for that must-try business opportunity, you have a lot of cash on the line.

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Does anyone else feel like they take their routines a bit for granted once they switch up? Even if you didn’t necessarily like your last routine, there was a comforting sense of familiarity. Once it shifts for whatever reason—whether by choice or not—it’s like our whole balance is off. And it’s not so much about getting used to your new routine as it is about establishing it, sometimes seemingly from scratch. Let’s be honest: it takes effort and time to get into a new grove! No matter your circumstances, or whether you made the choice to change up your routine,

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Have you ever had a client that pushed your personal boundaries big time? Don’t be ashamed- my hand’s raised on this one, too.

In fact, I once freely gave away my personal cell phone number so clients could contact me. (Don’t worry, that all changed when I had to file a restraining order against one of my first-ever clients who abused this access to leave me threatening voicemails- that was fun!)

In any case, sometimes a client is just annoying or it takes some time to get into a good place in which they respect your boundaries.

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If there’s one thing I see come up over and over again when someone is hiring their first VA, it’s that they have in mind this perfect person, perhaps someone they already know. Or maybe you interviewed a couple of VAs and feel that there’s one standing head and shoulders above the crowd. Now, there’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to hire your virtual assistant and be done with it. That’s really true if you’ve already interviewed the person and they seem like a great fit.

However, there’s one final step you should never skip when outsourcing: a test job or trial period.

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